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Losing Weight With Hypnosis

Losing Weight With Hypnosis published on No Comments on Losing Weight With Hypnosis

Everyday people are bombarded with ads that proclaim this diet or that pill or my workout program will allow you to slim down and keep them back permanently. Yet it really is these books, diet plans, pills and workout equipment, people struggle to lose and the weight off permanently. It’s frustrating. Because of this increasing numbers of people are looking at hypnosis alternatively approach to enable them to lose weight.

Studies have shown that hypnosis is a very effective way of both losing weight and keeping the weight off. It may work solely independently. It works with any diet plan. It works with any fitness program. Just what exactly makes hypnosis work?

Hypnosis works internally. Diets and fitness programs work externally in. This means that diets and exercise programs think that slimming down is only a physical issue. Hypnosis works in the other direction.

Hypnosis starts with your mind. Hypnotists believe would be that the person is a reflection of the mental image we’ve of ourselves. Once a person changes the mental image, your head must create the physical representation of this image.

Here’s a good example of how a traditional diet without hypnosis works. An individual believes that they are fat. They go on a diet telling themselves they are fat and require to lose weight. This individual goes on the diet, loses a few pounds. During this time any person continues to tell themselves that they are overweight. The person struggles, surrenders and seems like a failure. What happened? Simply this, the person’s mental image was that of an overweight person. Due to this image the mind did everything in its chance to keep up with the physical representation of the mental image. Yes it let the body lose a few pounds but when the weight lose became too great and also the physical body began to differ from the mental image by too much, the mind stepped in and started to create the urges and desires to eat more food. The mind created the struggles that led to the person giving up the diet and returning to their previous weight. It’s known as yo-yo dieting.

Just how does hypnosis overcome this? The first step is an essential and that’s to create a new picture of you. In a state of hypnosis it is extremely easy to imagine anything you desire. So in this state a person imagines an image of themselves that is at the correct weight and shape that they want. They create this image in such a realistic fashion that the mind believes that actually the self-image the individual has of themselves. And thru hypnosis it actually does become the self-image.

After the new self-image is firmly established the second step occurs, the mind must create the physical representation of this image. Now instead of resulting in the person to eat too much or eat the wrong types of foods as happened using the overweight person, the mind does quite contrary. It creates new beliefs about food and eating that are in alignment with the ones from a slim trim person. And the best part, it does this automatically.

People who use hypnosis to lose weight find that bad eating habits change without their even considering it. They find themselves eating less. They find themselves eating better foods. They end up exercising more, all of this and without them even having to consider it. They no long even think about counting calories at a meal. They no more have to take into consideration which foods to eat and which to avoid. They no longer need to force themselves to visit the gym. Because of the new mental image they’ve got of themselves, your mind creates these new programs and they run automatically, without conscious thought. This is what makes hypnosis effective and it is the thing that makes losing weight with hypnosis so easy.

For those who have trouble with your weight, find a very good hypnotist in your area and end the struggle. Use hypnosis to change your self-image and your physical body must follow.